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Inspirational Short Film: My Daddy Is A Liar!

An Inspirational Short Film: My Dad Is A Liar!

“You can’t change your destiny, but you can create your own.” โ€”MetLife

MetLife Hong Kong, an Asian insurance, is running a “Dream for My Child” advertising campaign that is mainly concerned about “My Dad’s Story”. This is not an ordinary commercial you are going to see.

This is a father-daughter story where the daughter tells her dad through a handwritten letter what she admires about him. Her dad is being described like a superhero. But the girl also insisted that her daddy lies!

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8 Things People Can't Take Away From You

8 Things People Can’t Take Away From You

There is something unique about oneself that other people can’t have. And that is sometimes the problem.

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7 Things I Want To Say To Mom

7 Things I Want To Say To Mom

7 honest things for mom…

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3 Words That Describe My Blog

Blogversation: 3 Words That Describe My Blog

There are many different types of blogs on the internet. There are similarities, but what makes some blogs stand out?ย It’s been hard to get to know my blogging path since I started to blog. To some bloggers (like me), it takes time to envision the target. So I decided to take the first step: recognize my blog characteristics.

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Toasted Bread With Margarine in 3 Easy Steps

Toasted Bread With Margarine in 3 Easy Steps

You can get a no-hassle preparation for a delicious snack if you have this toast recipe.ย Toasts are perfect for short breaks. No need to worry during busy hours because you can make it in less than 10 minutes. Surely, not only kids will love it!

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Studyblr: An Online Room For Students

Studyblr: An Online Room For Students Supporting and Developing Good Study Habits

We have known Tumblr as a microblogging platform commonly used for creative self-expression to spread inspiring messages, funny pictures, and relevantย materials. Apparently, Tumblr has its new spot for studyblrs.

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7 Reasons You Are Losing Followers On Social Media

7 Reasons You Are Losing Followers On Social Media (And What You Can Do About It)

Youย haveย met those follower-conscious people on social media. Can you blame them? Follower count is considered one of the metrics to see how good you are able to manage your accounts. In today’s time, the more followers you have, the more benefits you can get.

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