Display Hello! I’m Cheryle, a free-spirited kid from Manila, Philippines. I’m an aspiring CPA. Also, I’m a self-taught blogger.

I’ve been blogging since 2009, blog hopped from one platform to another. I started to blog to be more of myself. Blogging through the years, I have made a number of friends and learned basic designing/html skills (perks!). Cheryle Speaks is a personal + lifestyle blog. It has become an outlet of my thoughts and experiences. It contains DIY projects, foodgasms, lifehacks, ramblings, reviews, and more of which you can relate.

Most of the time, I am introverted. I like to read and write random stuffs. I am interested to go to workshops and seminars, and to travel (how i wish money is not a problem). Learning new things always excites me. I love to cuddle with my boyfriend—CJ. I am assorted, receptive, and opportunist. Other than that, I’m an easy person to talk to. So don’t hesitate to contact, or even collaborate, with me.


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