7 Things I Want To Say To Mom

7 Things I Want To Say To Mom

7 honest things for mom…

Thank you

For all the great things you do, the memories we’ve shared, the countless times you’ve stayed by my side, thank you mom. It’s priceless, I can never repay that. Thank you for giving me the kind of life that is not perfect but full of fun. And for letting me do the things I truly enjoy. Thanks for making me feel happy, loved, and secured.

You’re the best mom ever

It takes courage to be a good mother. You always offer what you think is the best for our family in every situation. And that’s what makes you the best mom ever!

I’m sorry

Mom, I apologize for bringing you down and making you disappointed. I’m sorry to disobey you. I’ll do better next time. Sorry for being insensitive and selfish at times. Forgive me?

I forgive you

Our relationship is not perfect. I forgive you mom for breaking my heart with the words you throw when we argue. You’ve had enough for the day, I understand. I forgive you for the days you were not there. But without experiencing it, I won’t realize that I’m capable to do things on my own.

You’re right

I have to stop denying that, most of the time, you’re right. Especially when you say I look pretty and I’m such a good girl. πŸ˜› Nahh but… You are right when you say I should drink water EVERY TIME so I won’t easily get dehydrated, when you say I should wear sunscreen, and when you say I should start working out. You’re right when you say I should do this and that because mother knows best and there’s no reason for me to disagree.

You’re small but great

You’re the greatest! It is not always the size that matters. Your love’s great that it brings great things to our family as well.

I love you, no matter what

Through the years, I fail to express my love and care. Thank God, it’s never too late. I should let you be more aware of these feelings. Mom, now I understand. Despite the bad events, I can always count on you. I love you mama!

How about you?

What can you tell to your mom?Β Share it on comments!

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7 thoughts on “7 Things I Want To Say To Mom

    • There are times when I have to leave the house for at least a week to be able to attend classes in school and some activities, that’s when I miss my mom and the entire family. πŸ™‚


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