The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

A blessed Sunday, folks! School year has ended so… Vacation mode: ON!


Craving: buko pandan ice candy andΒ halo-halo.

Creating: a study plan for our comprehensive exam. Sadly, real vacation will be delayed.

Eating: fruit salad by dad.

Feeling: physically and mentally refreshed. I had sleepless nights last week because my body needed to go home.

Loving: the heat of the sun, summer is already up!

Missing: the beach and fresh air! Ahhh…

Needing: to study 4 chapters today.

Reading: random articles online. I’ve been obsessed with psychology-related articles for the past few days.

Writing: lists on my journal. Jotting down ideas and goals keeps me going.

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10 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

  1. I’m also craving for halo-halo for days now 😦 I guess it’s because of the scorching heat of the sun? I really need to wind down and refresh myself right after an arduous week at school. Hope you get to rest well after all that! πŸ™‚

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