Twitter Favorites Vol. 1

Twitter Favorites Vol. 1

I believe that social media has something better to offer than negative information we commonly come across. I spend a lot of time on Twitter lately. And it’s annoying to see tweets considered as pointless babble. I’m not against those people who do it, it’s just that I don’t understand why they keep spamming on Twitter (Bonus: 10 Ways You’re Using Twitter Wrong). However, there are instances that don’t get me easily upset for some reasons that they just need to let go of their thoughts and feelings that has nothing to say bad to other people and I see no way this could go wrong.

Here goes my latest blog series called Twitter Favorites. It’s going to be a list of my favorite and retweeted tweets. I’d like to acknowledge those people who share great ideas, inspire people, and make them happy.

Let’s appreciate good vibes and positive people, the big and small ones, that make twittersphere a sensible place!






There you have it! I hope you learn and get inspiration from these tweets!

How about you?

What’s your favorite tweet on the list? Share your thoughts about it on comments! You may also share your Twitter account, I’d like to check you out!

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10 thoughts on “Twitter Favorites Vol. 1

    • Aside from social media, you can get inspiration from books, artworks, movies, articles etc etc. As to my point of view, social media is all-in-one. Different kinds of information can be found there, but it is bold so you gotta deal with it. 🙂


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